Local, Cash Pickup Points

local, Cash pickup points


In many countries around the world, local fiat currency - in the form of paper bills or hard coins - is still the predominant means of exchange. HUMBL helps send money home and around the world, by pairing our customers with convenient cash pickup points - often with shorter lines and a lower cost than wires or exchange services.

Global Retail + merchant partners

LOCAl Cash Pickup

HUMBL is partnering with major retailers and local merchants to help establish one of the world’s largest cash pickup networks. With HUMBL merchants you will be able to pay with credit card, track spending with your smartphone and pickup cash at retailers around the world.


exchange + lending

Although you can do it in the HUMBL mobile app, HUMBL Hubs has also contracted with local currency exchange providers to give customers the ability to do foreign exchange of paper currencies, right from a local Hubs. HUMBL will also be doing fair lending from some of these sites as well in areas where “Roadside Finance” and predatory lending rates are still far too common.